Wholesale bongs and dab rigs go to the next level with our dopest products yet. Put a smile on your client’s dial with this new selection of high end gear.

You spoke and we listened. Demand for quality cannabis centric products is most certainly growing. So we looked far and wide, and dug deep during these strange times. But is has been worth every cent and drop of patience to bring you our latest range of bongs and dab rigs. Special care has been taken to ensure that these exquisite pieces of glass are as wonderful to own as they are to buy. Thick 5mm borosilicate glass has been used throughout the entire bouquet of bongs. You more traditionally know this glass for being used in Pyrex products and laboratory equipment. It has however also found a home amongst discerning bong users due to its strength and ease to clean.

Splashes of colour are included for a more personalized experience. These colours are also borosilicate glass and perfectly annealed for zero fading. Making for a tasteful selection of options that your clients are certain to adore. We have considered not only the form, but also the function of these wholesale bongs and dab rigs. Balanced performance and easily replaceable or upgradeable parts were essential. As well as designs that were ergonomic across the board. From the triple percolators to petite bangers, quality of life was top of our list. Well that and affordability.

Wholesale Bongs and Dab Rigs are high quality

At the risk of sounding blunt, these aren’t your granddaddy’s bongs. So while we already have an extensive range of high quality glass, acrylic and silicone products; our latest products provide a superior offering for clientele who are shopping for a more refined experience. The glass is 5mm thick and the accessories are highly functional. All while packed in thoughtful designs that take the user experience to another level.

You can visit our website for more information and pricing or download our latest products catalogue.