Rosin bags have become an essential piece of equipment for processing solvent-less extractions. They prevent pips and particles in cannabis concentrates, while making tidying up a breeze. Let’s take a look at what Rosin is and why it is so important.

The Rosin Technique has taken the cannabis industry by storm and for good reason. Many consumers prefer the unadulterated taste and organic nature of rosin concentrates. While producers are big fans of the almost instant extraction results. Who would have thought that the simple mechanics of applying pressure and heat to raw herb would produce such a sensation?!

A few years ago you could not be blamed for having no idea what a “dab” was or thinking that it was only some kind of dance move. It was however a time of hair straightening irons and clamps being Macguyver’ed into all sorts of DIY hacks to get a low enough heat and a high enough pressure that will literally squeeze hash oil from dry buds. This oil would then be applied in small dabs on bong vaporizer attachments or in bong bowls. It was a very fun, novel and surprisingly healthy way to indulge in cannabis. But it was still a crude technique and certainly not efficient. Oil yields were admittedly low and many flavors were lost in the process.

What is The Rosin Technique?

The theory was straight forward enough and the science have been applied in separate techniques. Hash had always been separated mechanically. Canna butters and balms had always been separated by heat. It would only be a matter of time until the two were combined, even if it took centuries. First coined as the Rosin Technique, the process is fairly straight forward. When raw cannabis buds are subjected to tons of pressure and just enough heat to melt the sugar like trichomes, they will ooze outward in a light brown to blonde liquid hash. This very high quality and potent hash then goes solid again at room temperature and can be used from the moment it is made.

Rosin Technique Process

The technique was promising enough that a wave of innovation quickly took place. Straightening irons and clamps gave way to car jacks and DIY heating plates, then these just as suddenly gave way to off the shelf standalone Rosin Presses with digital controls and bulletproof reliability. Thanks to these innovations yields had greatly improved and tasty terpenes were no longer being burnt off. There was one final obstacle though. Separating all of the delicious rosin hash from the parchment paper or silicone was boring and unproductive. The solution was fortunately affordable and super efficient.

Rosin bags were an unashamedly copy of tea bags, albeit a lot more durable and made from just the right materials for perfect filtration. Simply place your dry herbs in the rosin bag before squeezing. Then once done you can recycle the spent herb and bag. No more needing to pick pips and particles out of your precious dab.

Rosin Bags now available wholesale

Our rosin bags are high-quality stitched nylon filter designed and used for solvent-less extraction processes (Rosin Press etc.). Using heat and pressure driven extractors, rosin (cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes) is separated from trichomes and plant-material


– Fine-mesh nylon filter bags are durable and heat-resistant (up to 150°C/300°F)

– Inside out double stitching minimizes the risk of blowouts from the seam, under extreme pressures.

– 45-micron bags are most suited for extracting rosin from dry sift (kief), bubble hash, dry-ice extract, hash, or other very fine materials.

– 90-micron bags are used for flower/bud, trim.

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