We all have our brand favourites. We will stick with them through and through, never questioning ‘what’s so great about them?” 

Lets have a peak at the back story of the World renowned Pure Hemp Brand

Pure Hemp started over two decades when pioneers, Natural Emphasis, and legendary Spanish paper manufacturer, Miquel y Costas, teamed up. Natural Emphasis is a research and development company with a primary focused on the re-emerging hemp industry in Canada.  From 1752, the Miquel family started to produce handmade paper at a watermill on the River Anoia in Capellades, Barcelona.

With experience in their favour, and these two coming together in some of the oldest paper-making areas in Catalonia, Spain, it seems almost destined that something special was on its way. This partnership, which would eventually lead to the start of Pure Hemp, kept things simple.  Miquel y Costas provided the pesticide-free and chemical-free hemp, which would overtake the ‘rice’ papers that were on the market. They decided to use only the finest hemp with a little bit of ash. As simple as it may sound, it is a very delicate process. The hemp is ground into a pulp and mixed with water and other bonding agents. Only once it dries, is it safe to handle. The y Costas’s expertise helped ensure quality paper every time. And, once the industrial revolution rolled in to help automate a lot of these processes, it was only a matter of time until the partnership could flourish the way it has.

However, it was only in 1996, that Pure Hemp came into light as the brand we know today. With the wake of the issues around smoking, and the environmental issues surrounding human impact on ecosystems, Pure Hemp had the desire to have a tree-free rolling alternative. Hence the name, Pure Hemp.

Many can only speculate about what happened between their first few batches of hemp paper and the first official Pure Hemp rolling paper. Maybe only once, the technological/industrial innovations took place in the 1900s, and smoking becoming socially accepted, could the two companies have a means of becoming successful. Or, maybe the companies needed people to reach a more conscientious level of thinking to make the plunge into alternative products. Whatever the case may be, people were ready to accept an alternative, and that’s where Pure Hemp created their own ‘niche’ market.

Papers, at that time, were only available in a small 70mm size. Fast forward over 20 years and Pure Hemp is quite possibly one of the biggest hemp rolling papers out there. The range has expanded, and now includes 1 1/4 papers, king-sized papers and the 4M Rolls. The company has also expanded into the unbeached category of rolling papers, offering a new, thinner unbleached version of their hemp papers. For added peace of mind, all their papers are finished off with an all-natural Acacia gumline. They have also expanded into the pre-roll cones category with their amazing patented torcedor spiral wrap. It helps guide the ember around and because of the wrap there is no paper tail inside, like other’s cones. To this day, they have continued to adapt and innovate in their field.

To the brand that continues to innovate, thank you.

And to the people who continue to give their loyal support, “know your roll” (Quote by Pure Hemp)