Zyn Snus – Mini Rich Nicotine Pouches



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Zyn Snus – Mini Rich Nicotine Pouches

No ash, no smoke, so smell.

Snus is a form of tobacco that has allowed so many to enjoy their tobacco on-the-go, without any fuss.

Initially, snus arose as an alternative to chewing tobacco.  Over time, as its manufacturing process evolved, it became a way of preservation and consumption. Snus tends to add ingredients like salt, water to aid in nicotine release, and at times additional flavours for taste.

Snus and other tobacco vary in the way their treatment/processing. The drying process makes up the main difference. The drying process for snus results in a final product that does not deliver nicotine at the same strength as a cigarette. As a result, consumers must be patient before they start feeling the effects. Nicotine is being delivered through direct touch with gums on the upper jaw.” Some may not consider this as smoking, vaping or other thermal, burning, igniting methods of consumption“. 

ZYN claims to be the modern form of snus, allowing a smoke-free and tobacco free nicotine experience.

How to use:

Break the external seal of the container.

Place a pouch under your upper lip – this may cause tingling sensations

Enjoy for 30 minutes

Unused pouches can be placed in the lid’s compartment until the product can be disposed of responsibly.


Zyn Snus – Strong Nicotine Pouches 1×5 is also available in medium strengths.

Flavours: Bellini | Black Cherry | Cool Mint | Espressino | Exotic Mango




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