Zippo Lighter – 218 Reg Blk Wine Improves W.Age – RANGE


Zippo Lighter

Colour: Black

Text: Red

“Wine improves with age I improve with wine”


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Zippo Lighter – 218 Reg Blk Wine Improves W.Age – RANGE

The history of Zippo Manufacturing Company is the story of its people.  From its founder George G. Blaisdell, to the many Zippo employees, customers, and collectors, all these people played a vital role in the company’s rich history.  Their loyalty and dedication has made Zippo one of America’s greatest and most recognizable icons. Their fervor and dedication to the brand is unparalleled.

Zippo is said to have been around as far back as 1932. In late 1932 Mr. Blaisdell decided to reconstruct the Austrian lighter.  First, he noted what obviously  did and didn’t work on the lighter. The lighter required the use of two hands to operate and its thin metal surface was easily dented. Then, he fabricated a small rectangular case and attached a lid with a hinge.  He preserved the chimney design which protected the flame.  The result was an attractive lighter that was easily operated with one hand. To this day, the design remains the same, and  has come to adorn many cosmetic designs. Some lighters have the same full metallic style, but may carry some intricate engravings. Others may have a plain coloured coat, or a colour coat with a printed design.

With all the trends and style choices available you will find some favourites, and rest easy knowing that you’re still back by Zippo’s lifetime guarantee. Helping carry the Zippo brand, the Zippo Lighter – 218 Reg Blk Wine Improves W.Age – RANGE is a fun lighter to gift a friend or even yourself. The lighter has a black base colour and red text. The text reads: “Wine improves with age. I improve with wine.” This is a fun yet practical gift for the wine-lovers out there.


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