Woodland Craft Cigarette 1x10x20s


Craft Cigarette


Biodegradable non-plastic filter

Unbleached Paper

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Woodland Craft Cigarette 1x10x20s

Smokey Treats has innovated the craft market with Woodland’s, which claims to be the world’s first biodegradable cigarette. This brand holds itself to a most valiant task of creating a product that people can use while minimising the environmental impact of the product post-use.

Over time, cigarettes break down into micro-plastic due to filters being commonly made of plastic. By removing plastic from their product, the company still allows people their pleasure of smoking, while doing their bit to help the planet.

The Woodland Craft Cigarette 1x10x20s has a gone through extensive work to ensure an eco-friendly product. It features an eco-filter, made of unbleached wood-pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests. It makes use of natural tobacco, adding no artificial flavour or aroma. The tobacco is covered wrapped in unbleached paper to help preserve the natural taste of the tobacco.

Going the extra mile, the company makes use of sustainable packaging and ensures that the outer wrapping is also compostable.


With all these measures put into place, and a dream to change the cigarette industry, Woodlands is your go-to natural, craft cigarette.




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