Vozol Rechargeable Vape Device – Star 6000 50mg


6000 Puffs

65% PCR materials

Soft mouthpiece

VAMT Mesh coil

14 ml E-liquid

500mAh rechargeable battery

50mg nicotine


Please Note : This brand and product is not available to order from Wicked Imports through the Formal FMCG retail channels.


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Vozol Rechargeable Vape Device – Star 6000 50mg

The Vozol STAR Series is by far an innovative and fun direction for the company to take for this incoming series. Vozol is a company on a mission to offer high-quality vape products and promote responsible use as part of an enjoyable, healthier lifestyle.

The Vozol Star 6000 still communicates the company’s mission. It is a beautiful, sleek, and compact device, featuring the use of PCR materials in 65% of the device. The device is no larger than 13cm is a wonderfully and discreetly designed.

The use of PCR materials allows for a more sustainable device production process, reducing wasteful production and carbon emissions. Also, the materials give the texture of a sprinkled surface. Combine this with its vibrant colour palette, and its rounded design of the device, buyers get a fun and promising experience. The finish gives a silky feel, and the soft mouthpiece also makes this device feel much more comfortable to use and experience.

The VMAT Mesh Coil adds to the most important aspect of any device, and that’s the taste. This particular coil allows the flavour to easily flow through the device, minimising unnecessary blockages.


The Vozol Rechargeable Vape Device – Star 6000 50mg is available in the following flavours: Forest Berry Storm, Honeydew Punch, Mango Peach Pineapple, Watermelon Bubblegum, Rainbow Candy, Sour Apple Ice, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Aloe Grape.



6000 Puffs

VAMT Mesh Coil

14 ml E-Liquid | 50 mg nicotine

500mAh rechargeable battery

Type-C Charging




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