Ventti Filter Tips


Ventti Filter Tips

Sizes: Menthol Super Slim, Microslim, Super Slim, Slim, and Regular.

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Ventti Filter Tips

Filter tips function as a means to reduce the intake of nicotine and tar in the body by absorbing these harmful chemicals. Some filters have poor absorption, and that leaves you with sticky fingers due to the tar. It can also result in having a harsh intake. Ventti Filter Tips aims to be the exception. Through their use of fine, quality materials, these filters do what they should, and that is absorb/filter by these substances. They manage to do this without altering the flavour, leaving you with a clogged mess, or the worst leaving you unable to puff anything.

What makes this brand of filters better is that the company has made sure to cater to all types of rolls. Ventti has a selection of different sized filters from which you can choose. These are definitely the filters to keep in your rolling kit. They give you convenience, in that all you have to do is insert your filters into your paper, and let the filter take care of the rest.

Sizes: Menthol Super Slim, Microslim, Super Slim, Slim, and Regular.

This product is sold as a pack containing 12 or 16 packets of filters depending on the variant. Each pack carries approx. 140 filters, and the Regular variant carrying only 100 filters .


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