Vaporizer – Mystica Ace – CBD


Auto Draw/Manual Button Draw Mode
Magnetic Connection
LED Display
Adjustable Wattage
Oil Level Window
Dual Charging Ports


Mystica Ace is compatible with Mystica II CBD tanks

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Vaporizer – Mystica Ace – CBD

Airistech is the creator of this and many other vaporizers. Holding itself as “true pioneers”, this company continues to innovate and develop devices like this Mystica Ace.

The Vaporizer – Mystica Ace – CBD – is a compact marvel that aims to supersede previous standards in vaping. Designed for ultimate portability and versatility, the Mystica is not just a vaporizer, it covers all the necessary features of any modern vape device and then some.

This range’s devices features LED display to indicate battery and wattage levels. This helps users keep track of their device’s state to ensure for an effortless experience. Adding to this, the wattage levels of each device is adjust to give optimal wattage every time. For extra convenience, the device also feature an oil level window that allows you to see the oil/concentrate levels in the device, giving you a chance to ensure you never run dry.

Once the preferred wattage is selected, the auto-draw is there to give a seamless flow from setup to use. You can also draw by holding the power button down.

Another feature that most people will appreciate is that these devices have dual charge. That means, whether you have a type-c or lightning charger, because these are the most common charging types, you’re sure to be covered.

The Mystica Ace is available in the following colours: Ivory Black | Peacock Green | Silk White | Blue Purple Gradient


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