Vapengin Rechargeable Bar – Mars 2


–   20 000 Puffs (Soft
–   16 000 Puffs (Normal)
–   12 000 Puffs (Turbo)

Nicotine: 50mg/ml
Coil: Dual Mesh Coil
Battery Capacity: 700mAh
Charging Port: Type-C

Product Size: 50.3x24x86.3mm

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Vapengin Rechargeable Bar – Mars 2

Vape devices are devices born out of a need to find alternatives to regular tobacco products. They work by creating vapor through innovative mechanisms that activate when you inhale through the device’s mouthpiece. These device serve the purpose of eliminating tobacco usage for certain users. For others, this forms part of the evolution from hubbly bubblies, giving flavour on-the-go.

As the vape industry grows, so does the demand for higher quality vapes. That means delivering greater function, greater flavour profiles, and most importantly greater vapour (clouds).

With this increase in demand for quality, brands like Vapengin come to the fore. This brand continues to stand out with its product design, giving an edgy, futuristic and tech-heavy look to its vapes. Consequently, a range like this definitely targets those with an affinity towards technology and a cyberpunk aesthetic.

True to style, now, not only does Team VAPENGIN bring the VAPENGIN RECHARGEABLE BAR – MARS 2 Vape, they continue to innovate this already popular product brand. Now the MARS 2, with its intelligent data display technology, ensures barrier free vaping experience by displaying the battery level via a high-definition and colourful screen. Its Dual Mesh Coil and isolated e-liquid-coil separated technology brings consistent original flavour and layered tastes.


Same Size for More
With very little change to the overall structure, it is impressive that the same size device carries twice the amount of puff as its predecessors. What this also means is a better mouthfeel than other devices of the same size.


Adjustable Output
Three level adjustable output creates more flavour and vapour

Depending on which mode you smoke the device, your puff counts will vary as follows:
Soft Mode         = 20 000 Puffs
Normal Mode  = 16 000 Puffs
Turbo Mode     = 12 000 Puffs


Consistent Flavour
Innovative output and balanced e-liquid feeding technology creates consistent flavour


E-Liquid Coil Isolation
See-through e-liquid reservoir with isolated e-liquid and coil technology


Instant Vaping
12ml e-liquid prefilled in the e-liquid tube to support instant vaping, free from waiting




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