Tortuga Verde Pipe Balsa


Tortuga Verde Pipe Balsa

Materials: Balsawood

Product and packaging is plastic free

Vegan Product

Made from natural, renewable resources

Contains 68 filters – reusable up to 2-3 times


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Tortuga Verde Pipe Balsa


Tortuga Verde Pipe Balsa is an innovative take on traditional pipe filters. This product is made from balsawood, which is a natural and porous material.

The filters undergo constant quality control for your safety. Because, the balsawood is naturally porous it does not react like most filters. Rather than minimising intake from the pipe, the filters actually absorb those pollutants. Pollutants are things such as tar, nicotine and condensate. All these substances are absorbed by the filter. What this also means is that the taste or flavour of the tobacco stays the same.

An added feature to note is that the filters have a pleasantly light air resistance too. These are also reusable (2-3 uses).

The products from the new Tortuga Verde brand intend to generate impulses towards greater environmental awareness. Products under this name are also more sustainable than before. The focus now lies on combining environmental friendliness and product quality. Tortuga Verde communicates this in their packaging that is made from recycling paper, in keeping their product and packaging plastic-free, and in their use of natural resources. Doing this allows the brand to gradually enrich the existing product line with sensible, ecological alternatives. Thereby, giving you more room to make better choices for yourself and the environment.

The product comes in an environmentally friendly box with 68 pieces filter content. You also have the option for 6mm and 9mm filters.


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