Tobacco Grinder – Metal DugOut w Grinder – Assorted


Materials: Adonized Aluminium

Dimensions: 8×4.5×1.9cm

Includes One-hitter

Assorted Colours

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Tobacco Grinder – Metal DugOut w Grinder – Assorted

There are many grinders on the market, but more often than not people need better ways to build up their kits and have them be as effective as possible. is an all-in-one toking solution. This device is a box-like container that has three compartments. One for the grinder, one for the herb and the other for the one-hitter.

These sorts of devices are prefect for those who are curious about the benefits of cannabis and would therefore need a controlled single dose at a time. The goal behind these is being ultra-efficient. This is for those that need a quick smoke at a controlled dosage for those on-the-go moments.

The Tobacco Grinder – Metal DugOut w Grinder – Assorted is such a convenient tool to have. It handles the breakdown of your herb, its storage and comes with a tool you can use to smoke your herb. Add a lighter to the mix and you are ready to have a clean hit. Just pure herb.

The dugout is a fantastic, compact accessory for grinding, storing and toking your herbal blend of choice. It is made from adonized aluminium for a long-lasting quality and ergonomically designed for user comfort.  It is discreet, has great form and its functionality is unmatched.

This item comes as an individual product. It is also an assorted product that comes in varying colours.


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