Tobacco Grinder – 4 Piece Rubics Cube – 55mm – 340323


Materials: Metal and Plastic

Dimensions: 55 x 55mm

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Tobacco Grinder – 4 Piece Rubics Cube – 55mm – 340323


A tobacco grinder is high on the list of essentials for any rolling kit. Looking out for an easy and effective grind, our collection of grinders hit the mark. The Rubics Cube Grinder made from high quality metal. This 4-piece herb grinder has been precision machined to provide excellent performance, as well as value for money.

Technically, the grinder lid houses a convenient magnet that ensures that your herb does not easily spill out, while the hash chamber securely screws into the solid base compartment. Grinding is a pleasure with this top shelf herb grinder. The Tobacco Grinder – 4 Piece Rubics Cube – 55mm – 340323 comes also with an additional mini spatula in the base chamber to allow an easy way of managing the finer ground materials.

This being a 4-piece grinder design means that you can effectively grind your herb to your desired perfection. Whether you are on the go or at home, because of its size and, fun and discreet design, tone can use the cube grinder anywhere. This multi-coloured cube is quite the eye catcher. Giving hints of nostalgia, the grinder can be turned horizontally to mix colours like a Rubik’s cube, however, not vertically.  If you are looking for a grinder that speaks to that inner child by adding a playful element, this would definitely be it!




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