Tobacco Grinder – 4 Part Metal Coloured Drips


White metal grinder with glossy coloured drip details

4 Part Chamber

36mm height

Sold as a single unit, not as a set

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Tobacco Grinder – 4 Part Metal Coloured Drips


Tobacco Grinder – 4 Part Metal Leaf Design is the perfect addition to any rolling kit. No set is complete without a grinder. Grinders break down your herbs or tobacco-related mix into smaller, roll-able bits. This grinder does that and more. With its special filtering chambers, you are guaranteed to get more than the typical break down. The 4 piece grinders starts with a magnetic top layer, followed by the grinding chamber. As you twist it, razor sharp teeth will grind the herb into fine little pieces. Those pieces will fall through the 2nd layer onto the 3rd layer. Once there, they are fine and loose enough to start your smoking session. Finer pieces keep falling to the base chamber, where the pollen screen allows only the smallest particles to pass through, essentially giving you a fine powder.So, whether you want a rough grind or a powder,you can get both with the added ease of a quick, convenient crush.

This set stands at a height of 40mm, and features a striking black base for all the grinders. It, then, varies in its leaf designs. Products received will vary according to stock.


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