The Bulldog – Super Slim Pop-A-Tip Filters – EOR


The Bulldog – Super Slim Pop-A-Tip Filters

Materials: Cellulose Acetate

150 filters per box



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The Bulldog – Super Slim Pop-A-Tip Filters

The Bulldog was established in 1975 on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam. Over the years, the merchandise line has expanded to include smoker products. accessories, souvenirs, and gadgets. The company still produces smoking-related products to this day.  Focussing on the smoking products, there are a few series/ranges under their belt to consider.

The Bulldog – Super Slim Pop-A-Tip Filters falls under the black series of The Bulldog ranges. These are acetate filter tips, and people use them to roll their own cigarettes. Cellulose acts as a great filter because of its irregular structure. Its fibres are random sizes, meaning varying ‘pockets’ or fibres for the smoke and tar to go through. Thus, it allows for a more effective filtration process.

Then, you’ll see the tips are in a transparent protective film and are stacked on one another to create a seamless pack of filters. With its pop-a-tip packaging, the filters are kept safe, clean and can be easy to transport. All you have to do is pop a filter out and insert it in your paper. This is great value for money, and you have the added comfort of knowing that the product comes from a reputable brand. They have thought about what the customer needs, from simple storage to the materials. This company produces great products that customers love.

Please note, these products are for tobacco use only. The product is a pack that contains 20 boxes, in which you have 150 filters per box.



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