The Bulldog Paper


The Bulldog Paper

Dimensions: King Size

Materials: Unbleached Paper and Arabic Gum

Variants: Sliver King Size, Silver King Size w. Tips, and Brown King Size Unbleached



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The Bulldog Paper

The Bulldog was established in 1975 on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam. Over the years, the merchandise line has expanded to include smoker products, accessories, souvenirs, and gadgets. The company still produces smoking-related products to this day. This specific product is convenient and is a great alternative to other rolling papers. Focussing on the smoking products, there are a few series/ranges to consider.

The Bulldog Paper is a great quality rolling paper. This is the King Size Slim Silver range, which is slow-burning, and made with a natural Arabic gum. Each paper is meant to maintain as natural a taste as possible, not altering your smoke of choice. Combine this rolling paper with our paper filter tips from the Silver range to get the package deal. The Bulldog collections when used together create the perfect roll. With all the options available it is a matter of choosing the range you like. For a more convenient roll, the silver range includes and option of rolling paper with tips. This is just one of the ways the company ensures you have all that you need.


Additionally, this paper also come in a Brown range, which features unbleached papers. There is also a Silver edition that includes filters and tips in the booklet. All these King Size options come for your convenience, and still maintain the quality you’ve come to expect.

The Silver and Brown variants come as a pack 50 booklets, and the Silver with tips comes as a pack of 24.


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