The Bulldog – King Size Cones 3 Pack


The Bulldog – King Size Cones 3 Pack

Pre-rolled Cones

Filter Included

Materials: Pure Arabic Gum

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The Bulldog – King Size Cones 3 Pack

The Bulldog was established in 1975 on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam. Over the years, the merchandise line has expanded to include smoker products. accessories, souvenirs, and gadgets. The company still produces smoking-related products to this day. This specific product is convenient and is a great alternative to other rolling papers. Focussing on the smoking products, there are a few series/ranges to consider.

The Bulldog – King Size Cones 3 Pack falls under the black series, which have a natural Arabic gum lining and is a slow-burning paper. Cones can be ideal for first-timers, because they make rolling easy. Firstly, the paper is ready and rolled. What’s more is, the filter is already inserted for you. Just on these two elements alone, you have an ease and consistent roll. Imagine what more you can do with the whole black range. This is great value for money, and you have the added comfort of knowing that the product comes from a reputable brand.  Having these at King Size is the icing on the cake. It makes one cone perfect for sharing, or maybe it is perfect just for you.

The Bulldog produces great products that customers love.

This item comes as a pack of 30 boxes. Each box contains 3 pre-rolled cones waiting to be filled.



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