Stündenglass Mouthpiece Stem


Stündenglass Maintenance and Seal Kit for Stündenglass Gravity Infusers. Includes a hex key, replacement O-rings, valve seals, bushings and valve pin.


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Stündenglass Mouthpiece Stem for Stündenglass Gravity Infusers.

Seeing how extensive the kit and instruction are on how to get start off with you Gravity Infuser, it is only right that you have all that you need to help you maintain such a precious and versatile piece of equipment. Each piece in this cleaning kit is specially there to help you maintain the device. Seeing how every nook and cranny that could experience some wear and tear and accumulate dust or build-up over time, it is crucial to have the proper tools to take care of it. This will ensure no rust, mould, or build-up takes place. This in turn, increases the life cycle of your device.

This product does require some disassembling in order to give it a proper deep clean. Also, be sure to dry off individual parts before reassembly. All the necessary tips on cleaning your device are  radily available in the video provided below.

How to Clean Stündenglass Mouthpiece Stem

Stündenglass Cleaning Kit Video


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