Smoking Rolling Paper


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Smoking Rolling Paper


Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, rolling paper is an essential tool for those seeking a customizable and enjoyable smoking experience. At its ideal form, rolling papers provide a seamless and sometimes flavourful smoke. Rolling papers offer unparalleled control over your smoking session. From the choice of paper material to the size and thickness, these delicate sheets allow you to tailor your smoking experience to suit your preferences. With these premium selections of rolling papers, you can achieve your perfect balance of flavour, burn rate, and smoothness, elevating your sessions.

SMOKING is a brand of papers. It is produced by Miquel y Costas, a company that has more than 125 years of history and experience. Starting out as a family mill where paper was made by hand. This family crafted paper that was exceptionally and skilfully made. So much so that as the years followed, their reputation exceeded them years later. As the company grows, they lean on quality, innovation, sustainability and it experience to continue to produce quality products. Smoking Rolling Paper comes in many variations to suit your needs. From Regular to Kind size, slow burning to free-burning, there is a paper for you.


Variants available: Red Regular, Red King Size, Liquorice Regular, Brown Regular, Brown King Size, Silver Regular, Silver King Size, and Organic King Size.

Each variant includes warning sheets, to let you know that you have 5 sheets left before the booklet is empty.


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