Smoking – Filter Tips – Gerrick


Medium Tips

Tip Size: 60x20mm

50 Tips Per Booklet


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Smoking – Filter Tips – Gerrick

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, there are some essential tools for those seeking a more customizable and enjoyable smoking experience. With these premium selections of rolling papers and accessories, you can achieve your perfect balance and elevate your sessions. SMOKING is a company that produces rolling papers and smoking related accessories. Produced by Miquel y Costas, a company that has more than 125 years of history and experience, you can be sure to expect nothing but care and quality. Little did the Miquel family know that their hand-made paper would turn into the company it is today. The family crafted paper that was exceptionally and skilfully made. So much so that as the years followed, their reputation exceeded them years later. As the company grows, they lean on quality, innovation, sustainability and it experience to continue to produce quality products.

Smoking has also gone to the length of producing its very own brand of gerricks. Gerricks minimise the impact of nicotine on the body and reduces the amount of tar intake. So what the company has done is take all its years of experience in crafting papers and applied it to the creation of their gerricks. These medium tips have porous layers that allow vapours to pass, but absorb any harmful substances like tar or particles from being directly inhaled. This filtration process helps to minimize the intake of these substances, resulting in a cleaner and smoother inhalation. Furthermore, cardboard Gerricks can also act as a barrier, preventing the direct contact of lips and fingers with the smoking material. As a result, you get an extra layer of hygiene and comfort.


This product is sold in a bundle pack that contains 50 individual booklets. Each booklet hold 50 gerricks.



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