Royal Blunts Hemparillo



Tobacco free blunt wraps

15 Packs per box. Each pack contains 4 hemp blunts.

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Royal Blunts Hemparillo is an exciting range of hemp-based tobacco free blunt wraps that are know for fun and vibrant flavours to tingle the taste buds. 15 Packs per box. Each pack contains 4 hemp blunts.

Traditional blunts come in a pack of 2 very large wraps. But Hemparillo instead brings you 4 king sized blunts per pack. With an easy to lick and stick gum line. So no more soggy blunts.

Royal Blunts has been established since 1995. This Southern California-based company aims to create products that stand out with their innovative products and vibrant flavour selection. Royal Blunts – Hemparillo is a hemp-based range of wraps. Because it is a renewable source for raw materials, there is a number of ways to include hemp into a variety of products. Their hemp wraps pair well with 420 related materials for relaxing sessions. These wraps are meant for purists and what’s more is that these products are nicotine free. These blunt wraps are a great way to add flavour to your smoke of choice as well as enhance the overall smoking experience.

Royal Blunts Hemparillo come in a great selection of flavours: Berries, Blueberry, Grape, Mango Haze, OGK, and Strawberry.

These products are sold in boxes containing 15 packets. Each packet contains 4 sheets.


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