RAW Tips – Cone Perfecto


RAW Tips – Cone Perfecto

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RAW Tips – Cone Perfecto

From the onset of their journey, RAW set out to be the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry. This company’s brand is about being bold authentic and unapologetic, being raw! This idea carries from their brand image and into their products. They only produce products that are “designed to enhance your smoking experience“. These are quality, eco-friendly products, with no additives, GMOs, or chlorine. RAW continues to innovate and revolutionise how they make paper.

You can see this in their RAW Tips – Cone Perfecto. RAW understands the hassles of getting things just right, and so they crafted this to be stiffer and optimised for tightly packed cones. Some would class this as a more ‘pro-level product, seeing as it is not the easiest to roll. However, this company really makes sure to create products with the consumer in mind. This company chooses to perforate the papers at different lengths to roll into either a Z or W. If you want a piece for your kit to show off, look no further!

The product is sold as a pack containing cone booklets. Each booklet holds 32 perforated tips.



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