RAW Paper – Organic 1.1/4 with Tips


Organic: Hemp-based paper

Tips included


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RAW Paper – Organic 1.1/4 with Tips

From the onset of their journey, RAW set out to be the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry. This company’s brand is about being bold authentic and unapologetic, being raw! This idea carries from their brand image and into their products. They only produce products that are “enhance your smoking experience”. These are quality, eco-friendly products, with no additives, GMOs, or chlorine. RAW continues to innovate and revolutionise how they make paper.

You can see this in their RAW Paper – Organic 1.1/4 with Tips. RAW understands the hassle of getting things just right, and so they craft a product that a true enthusiast would appreciate, especially as a 420 gifting item. This product hold 1 1/4 sized papers. Because these papers hold about 50% more product than most standard papers, these are ideal for those who want that little bit extra from their smoking sessions. RAW makes sure to create products with the consumer in mind, crafting various types of papers to suite any desire. With that, they believe their audience can only be thrilled with each new product release.  If you want a piece that show you are truly are RAWthentic, look no further!

Each pack contains 24 booklets, with each booklet containing 32 sleeves with tips.



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