RAW Accessories – Rolling Box


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RAW Accessories – Rolling Box


Raw creates products that satisfy and speak to its RAWthentic brand. The RAW Accessories – Rolling Box range offers you and/or consumers the chance to create the perfect roll every time. Once mastered, these rolling boxes will create such ease when rolling, that you’ll never want to hand roll again!

By simply inserting your herb and paper into the box, you have a masterpiece in seconds!

Instructions for use:

Open the box.

You will see a trough in which to lay your smoke of choice

Once having placed the herb into the trough, lightly moisten the gummed edge of your paper, ensuring that the gummed edge is at the top and facing you.

Then, slowly start closing the lid to engage the paper, ensuring continuous pressure on both sides of the lid.

When completely closed, a perfectly rolled coon will appear through the closed lid.


The apron can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the size of your roll:

To disconnect the apron, first slide the top pins to the left and right to remove from the mounting hole.

Then do the same with the bottom pins to completely remove the apron.

For a skinny roll, place the pin in last pin of the bottom levels mounting holes.  For a fatter roll, place in the first.

Resecure your top pins and you’re good to go!


RAW Accessories – Rolling Box is available in two variants for kingsize and standard 1 1/4 size papers.


Each variant is sold as a single item.



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