Rasta Pipe – Silicone One Hitter Pipe

SKU: Pipe8556

Materials: Stainless Steel | Silicone

Dimensions: 5cm length

Assorted colours

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Rasta Pipe – Silicone One Hitter Pipe

One hitters might not seem like much but these devices deliver quite the punch. One Hitters are small cylindrical pipes that can only hold ‘one hit’ of cannabis. This device is perfect for those on-the-go. It gives the room to have a controlled dosage at any point of the day while being discreet.

Many point to how using a one hitter gives consumers a green hit. Being able to only have one hit at a time, you can have a clean hit that purely your smoke of choice, no residue or left-over char.

There is something about the simplicity and efficiency of this epic little bat one hitter pipe. This gives your preferred smoke longevity, as you dose your sessions. One hitter pipes offer a long-lasting, durable design and user friendliness. It is as easy as loading the tip of the pipe with a small amount of your preferred herbal blend, lighting up and then effortlessly pressing the mouth piece to eject the spent ash. No more pocking or tapping your pipe to clear it for the next load.

There’s sooo much that we dig about these silicone pipes. Made from soft-touch, food-grade silicone and featuring a large screened stainless filter, what’s not to love.
Great for klutzes who are tired of accidentally killing their glass pipes and for those with an active lifestyle who need a comfortable toking tool that can be conveniently stashed away. There’s no longer any reason to sacrifice quality or satisfaction when busting a bowl of your favorite herb on-the-go thanks to the smooth performance of this flexible pipe.

Whether hiking, partying hard or just gaming on the couch this Silicone One Hitter Pipe is a durable essential solution no matter what the adventure.


Comes in assorted colours.


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