Rasta Pipe – Glass Pipe Patterned 11.5cm


Materials: Patterned Glass Pipe

Dimensions: 11.5cm Length

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Rasta Pipe – Glass Pipe Patterned 11.5cm

Rasta Pipe – Glass Pipe Patterned 11.5cm is part of a beautiful collection of glass pipes. Pipes are ideal for people who like to break away from the stresses of the world, because they are small and easy to travel with, and they are also discreet. Each pipe in this collection has a distinct design that is sure to capture your attention. For use, simply load your bowl. Now, all you have to do is light up and inhale from the mouthpiece.

Having a quality pipe can make the difference between a smooth and a harsh smoking experience. With all the different ways one can consume their smoke of choice, it is really a matter of enhancing the experience on an individual level. Each tool has its pros and cons and glass pipes are no different.

This Rasta Pipe – Glass Pipe Patterned 11.5cm comes as an assortment of pipes with varying patterns and colours. The benefits of having glass over wood is that glass pipes do not alter the taste of your tobacco. This means that you experience the full flavour of your smoke of choice. Another benefit is that glass does not transfer heat in the same way as a wooden pipe or cigarette. Glass pipes, although fragile, are easier to maintain. It can be as simple as soaking the glass in some warm water and gently washing off any build up. There are also a selection of tools available on our site to help clean all the creavaces of your pipe.





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