Rasta Pipe – Crystal Pipe 11cm

SKU: Pipe855

Materials: Natural stone or crystal.

Features: Stainless steel bowl

Assorted Colours

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Rasta Pipe – Crystal Pipe 11cm

With so many tools available to help you make the best of each smoke session, there is another that also sets the bar on another level. Aimed at those who want a more ‘holistic’ lifestyle, people turn to crystal pipes. Made from natural stone or crystal, each pipe is unique in its patterned design. Withe the belief that crystals have properties that pertain to healing, clarity, calmness, etc. this factor sets these pipes apart from the rest.

Using this in combination with your smoke of choice, these pipes become a power combination. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are said to add another layer to your sessions.

Just like glass pipes, crystal pipes are safe to heat, but should not be heated to extreme levels. Rasta Pipe – Crystal Pipe 11cm features a stainless steel bowl for easy cleaning. It is important to clean your filter as well as the carb hole and the channel often to maintain the product as well as keep a clean. A fair recommendation would be to clean these part at least after three weeks of use. Then replace the filter after approximately 1 – 3 months of use.

Like with most products, it is recommended to store this product away from direct sunlight.

Each pipe include two additional steel filters and a cleaning tool


Align your chakras with this dope accessory. Comes in assorted colours.

Our range of natural crystal pipes are a beautiful blend of form and function. You can now elegantly partake in a bowl of your preferred herbal blend in style.

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