Rasta Gerrick


Rasta Gerrick

Rolling Filter


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Rasta Gerrick


We all love to try out new products to see what works for us. Here, we have the Rasta Gerricks. They are a wonderful alternative to conventional filters. The packaging itself is mysterious in that it doesn’t reveal too much about the product. Everything plays into the mystique of the culture.  The brand pays homage by using Rasta-related imagery and colours. All these design choices allude to getting back to a traditional way of rolling. Hence, the Rasta Gerrick serves as an alternative to plastic-based cigarette filters.

They still serve the same purpose that filters and gerricks are supposed to serve. The products minimise the impact of nicotine on the body and reduces the amount of tar intake.

These give a mark of approval at the end of each joint, as they are a truly simple and fun take on smoking.

Rasta Gerrick: Enjoy Your Fun!


This product is sold as a pack containing 60 gerrick booklets.



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