Puja Incense Sticks


20 sticks per pack

Dimensions: 23cm length

Burn time: 40 – 45minutes


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Puja Incense Sticks

Puja Incense is a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Premium and Natural Incense Sticks. Incense sticks are known to have many benefits. Based on traditional plant medicines, incense sticks are an adapted and concentrated evolution. Incense has been used to grace religious rituals and serve as a spiritual and healing tool.

Puja follows a 5000-year tradition that continues to inspire a “new generation of products that help as protective tools against health hazards.” With an international presence, this brand is well-known and continues to serve its market well.


Flavour benefits

Sandalwood: a healing aroma similar to those of essential oils, creating a warm and sweet atmosphere

Mantra: using white musk as its base scent, this creates a refreshing scent and calming effect

Go Away Evil: using jasminum sambac as its base, this scent has a cleansing and calming effect

White Sage: often used in cleansing ceremonies to cleanse and rid people, places and objects of negative energy

Meditation: with a fruity fragrance this allow one to reach a mentally clear and calm state

Bappa Morya: has a strong but soothing scent that creates a calming effect and creates a pleasant atmosphere to bring the Lord Ganesha’s blessings upon you

Dragons Blood: has a sweet fragrance, based on ancient tradition to heal, protect and banish negative energy

Money Drawings: herbal and mineral blend that creates a floral scent, this is reputed to bring about wealth and riches

Om Puja: with Pakeezah having a strong woody and floral scent, this creates a relaxed and focused atmosphere, helping calm the mind

Relax Mosquito: features citronella and lemon effectively to create a refreshing fragrance and ward off mosquitos


With many more flavours to help enhance overall energy, Vanilla, Rose, and Lavendar are some additional flavours to help create a sweet and calming atmosphere.

Flavours like Pure Loban, Great Spirit, Protection, Miracles, and Ganga Darshan can be used for more religious purposes and help foster spiritual benefits and connection.


When using Puja products, make sure that your space is well ventilated.


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