Pipe Pouch – Suede Leather Combi Carrier w/ Zip – Black

SKU: Pouch028

Material: Black Suede

Dimensions: Approx. 9x16cm

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Pipe Pouch – Suede Leather Combi Carrier w/ Zip – Black

There are many accessories on the market that provide the perfect means to store your tobacco. Many those accessories are perfect when keeping them in the same space. However, some people may need storage that is perfect for on-the-go experiences.

There are a few ways that you can store your favourite tobacco products, but in most instances pipe pouches are the way to go. Pipe pouches are a great way to store and transport your pipe because they tend to offer more space than expected. The Pipe Pouch – Suede Leather Combi Carrier w/ Zip – Black is a pouch with a beautiful suede exterior, and it houses three storage compartments. There is the main (outer) compartment that can store larger items, like your pipes, a small grinder or even scissors. Then, there is the flap that houses the internal zip and another discreet pouch. In these pockets rolling paper, your smoke of choice, lighters, and other smaller items can be stored.

Standing at 9cm in height, and 16cm wide, this is a small and easy to carry pouch. Pouches like these serve as a great secure and discreet way of keeping a mini kit on hand, and giving access to the products you love.



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