Pipe Cleaners – Angelo Coloured 29cm – 1×25 – 320040

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Pipe Cleaners – Angelo Coloured 29cm – 1×25 – 320040

After a couple of smoke sessions with a tobacco pipe, most pipes would need a bit of cleaning. Pipe cleaners are a necessary pipe accessory. When buying tobacco pipes, be sure to add pipe cleaners to your basket as they are essential for proper care. Pipe cleaners assist enthusiasts clean spaces within the pipe that they normally cannot reach by only using their fingers. The Pipe Cleaners – Angelo Coloured 29cm – 1×25 – 320040 are thin, flexible brushes that remove residue and moisture from small bores and tight places.  These pipe cleaners are extra-long, at 29cm, they can be used for even the most intricate of systems. This product enhances your smoking experience by aiding in cleaning your pipe, it removes any unnecessary/unwanted residue, and allows you to enjoy the full flavour of your tobacco.

Theses assorted pipe cleaners are soft enough for daily use.

Maintaining your pipe cleaners is as easy as washing, rinsing and drying, taking only a few minutes. Doing this increases the longevity of each pipe cleaners’ use.

This item comes in a pack of 25 cleaning sticks in four assorted colours.


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