Phoenix Coal 38mm


Instant-lite Tablet Coals

80 Tablets | 38mm

60 – 75 minute burning time



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Phoenix Coal 38mm

Hubbly coals are a necessary item for any hubbly bubbly kit setup. Coals act as the heating component that is necessary in order to cook the tobacco and have it produce the clouds and flavour that are synonymous with hubbly bubbly.

The Phoenix Coal 40mm are a great brand of instant-lite charcoal tablets. Each tablet burns for 60 – 75 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy your hookah sessions. These coals are suitable for hookah use as well as for use with incense. The box contains 80 tablets, with 10 packed together in a tightly sealed roll to preserve its instant lighting quality. It is important to re-seal the roll after use in order to maintain the freshness of each tablet.

Be sure to store in a cool dry place.


Instructions for use:

Open the package and remove one tablet from the roll.

Hold the tablet with tongs and light outdoors with a lighter or matches.

Carefully place the lighter in a censer or a heat-proof foil.

Allow the tablet to burn up and cool down before removing.



Keep product away from children.

Do not hold the tablet when lighting.

Do not handle the tablets once they have been lit.

Once lit, keep away from other flammable materials.




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