OCB Charcoal Active Tip Slim Filters 1x10x50s


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OCB Charcoal Active Tip Slim Filters 1x10x50s


ODET is a location on the banks of the Odet river where, in 1822, the first paper mill is founded.

CASCEDEC is in Scaër, where another paper mill was located.

BOLLORE stands for six generations of the Bolloré family have had a major influence on the history of paper manufacturing.

OCB signifies the roots and roadmap the company holds at its foundation. These are the moments and places that help create and establish the well-known brand of OCB. They stand as the pillars for what we see in the products today. OCB, with their vast array of papers, constantly seek ways to improve on their products.

OCB Charcoal Active Tip Slim Filters 1x10x50s are for those enthusiasts who have taken a liking to the Premium range of products. These filters help produce a smooth, clear flavourPerforated in just the right places for perfectly sized tips. These charcoal filters have ceramic caps and stand at a length of 27mm and a diameter of 7mm. Each filter reduces the amount of harmful substances that one could inhale while smoking, while producing a comfortable puff.

This prodcut comes as pack that contains 10 individual packs of filters. Each individual pack contains 50 filters.



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