Newport Lighter Fluid – 1x12x133ml


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Newport Lighter Fluid – 1x12x133ml

Newport is the brand behind universal butane gas, suitable for all refillable butane cigarette lighters and butane powered products. This brand has established an excellent reputation for quality and functionality. They reinforce this strong reputation the introduction of the Near Zero Impurity butane quality benchmark some thirty five years ago.

It has been voted #1 Butane Fuel in Europe. Now, it is available in South Africa!

Aimed at being the gas for refills, the Newport Gas Refills are high quality and have highly refined slow and cleaner burning lighter fluid also available in 100ml and 300ml. These refills include fitted with safety closure, suitable for all petrol lighters.

The company prides itself as being amongst the pioneers of universal lighter refill products in the 1960’s. In the last fifty plus years the Newport brand has evolved, expanded and innovated.

Newport. Simply the best conceived, most reliable butane gas available throughout the world.

Newport Lighter Fluid is available in a 133ml size. This product comes in a pack containing 12 refills. The manufacturing process takes place in England, making this an internationally recognised product.



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