Nasty Rechargeable Battery



C-type charging

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Nasty Rechargeable Battery

Nasty is a company that stems from the need to help the ever-evolving smoking landscape. This company understands the need to innovate and prides themselves in constantly improving ENDS Solutions in a way that tailors to the needs their market.

Giving you the choice of a more consistent vaping experience with a brand you can trust, Nasty present its line of pods. Pod kits are great for those that enjoy and prefer a specific brand’s overall products and flavours. It gives you a chance through a range a flavours with the specific range. This means you won’t without have to replace your device once empty, simply grab for a new replacement pod.

As pioneers in crafting vape flavours, you can expect nothing less than flavours at its best. This product is part of a pod kit that requires pods and batteries to function. The battery’s build ensure that consumers can indulge in extended sessions, eliminating the need to constantly recharge. Another great feature is its capacity to charge quickly, giving less time on the outlet and more time in your hands. This battery is delivers consistent power, ensuring that each puff is as smooth and satisfying as the first. No more declines in performance as time passes!

The Nasty Rechargeable Battery as part of a kit does not just base itself around performance, but carries its own aesthetic charm. Batteries have optional colour to compliment your pod of choice. Colours include: black, blue/green, green/purple, and red/blue.

Each battery comes as an individual item.



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