Nasty Rechargeable Bar 20000 Puff 50mg



Digital Display Screen
Integrated 700mAh Rechargeable Battery
Draw-Activated Operation
Dual Mesh Coil
Adjustable Airflow
USB Type-C
Battery Life Indicator
E-Liquid Level Indicator


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Nasty Rechargeable Bar 20000 Puff 50mg

Nasty is a company that stems from the need to help the ever-evolving smoking landscape. This company understands the need to innovate, and prides itself in constantly improving ENDS Solutions in a way that tailors to the needs their market. As pioneers in crafting vape flavours, you can expect nothing less than flavours at its best.

Introducing the Nasty Rechargeable Bar 20000 Vape – a rechargeable marvel by Nasty that’s revolutionizing the vaping experience! Giving more what’s needed this range features:

  • a mesmerizing, animated motion screen, offering not just a device, but an immersive journey with every puff.
  • 3-mode control system – Eco Puff, a Classic Normal Hit, or a Bold Turbo Blast
  • Draw Activated Operation
  • Adjustable Airflow

Tailor your vaping journey with its innovative 3-mode control system – whether you crave a subtle Eco Puff, a Classic Normal Hit, or a Bold Turbo Blast, we’ve got you covered. Also, fine-tune your draw with adjustable resistance for that perfect, personalized vape.

Nasty continues to take the vaping experience to the next. At an impressive 20 000 puffs, why miss out. Join the experience and get your Nasty Rechargeable Bar 20000 Puff 50mg today!




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