Nasty Rechargeable Bar 16000 puff 50mg

SKU: NST150-161

Rechargeable Device


800mAh battery | Type-C Charge

Airflow Control

Liquid & Battery Indicator


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Nasty Rechargeable Bar 16000 puff 50mg

Nasty is a company that stems from the need to help the ever-evolving smoking landscape. This company understands the need to innovate. That is why Nasty prides themselves in constantly improving ENDS Solutions in a way that tailors to the needs their market.

Giving you the choice of a more consistent vaping experience, Nasty present its line of pods. Pod kits are great for those that enjoy and prefer a specific brand’s overall products and flavours. It gives you a chance through a range a flavours with the specific range. This means you won’t without have to replace your device once empty, simply grab for a new replacement pod.

Each Pod has 5% Nicotine to give strong and smooth experience like no other. This is great for those that love a strong nicotine hit. Matched with its 16000 puff count, you receive a product that lasts longer than the common 8500 puff ranges. For regular-use vapers, this reduces the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, for the occasional vaper, this might be the sweet spot for you.


Taking things a step further, the Nasty Rechargeable Bar 16000 puff 50mg has improved airflow control. This really puts the power in your hands. There is a Eco mode, Normal mode, and Turbo mode.

The Eco mode ensure that the device lasts up to 16000 puffs while delivering a smooth and satisfying pulls. Normal mode gives a perfectly balanced pull and will help the device last up to 12000 puffs. Lasty, Turbo mode helps deliver bigger clouds and bolder flavour. If this is your preferred airflow mode, the device will last up to 8000 puffs

Combined with simple functionality and innovative design, Nasty continues to push its envelope. Inhale and enjoy!



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