Mountain High The Original Cones


Pre-rolled Cones


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Mountain High The Original Cones

It becomes hard to decide which brand of papers to choose in the sea of rolling papers. When choosing a product it’s always best to consider how much needs to be fulfilled by the product It’s quality or quantity, and honestly but it’s just as important to have both. More and more people are opting to have more natural and unprocessed products to ensure that they do not consume anything other than what they expect, and to help lessen environmental impact.

Pre-rolled papers are the way to go whether you are a newbie or the expert and aficionado. These take out the hassle of rolling. What’s more is that you will have a perfectly rolled paper every time you need it.

Mountain High The Original Cones come in the natural variant, as well as the bio organic hemp variant. Each one maintains the same unprocessed, natural baseline.  Each cone is fitted with a filter for that bit of extra convenience. No more fiddling and wasting tons of papers and gerricks. Simply grab a cone and fill with your smoke of choice.

Each variant contains 1000 pre-rolled cones.



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