Large Matrix Percolator Bong 31cm


Large Matrix Percolator Bong made from high quality borosilicate glass. Diffused downstem, ice-catcher, prismed beaker, matrix percolator and 14mm pullout bowl. 31cm.

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Large Matrix Percolator Bong that delivers excellent quality at a great price. The entire product is made from laboratory grade borosilicate glass, with tasteful touches of colour.

This medium sized bong offers all the modern conveniences in a stunning design. A beaker shaped base houses the diffused downstem. Another layer of filtration is added by the matrix percolator chamber just below the ice catcher neck. The final touch is the cone shaped pullout bowl with thick handle.

Our wholesale bongs have been hand selected to present your clients with the best bongs for their bucks. Careful attention has been paid by us to all of the finer points that make for a truly high end smoking experience. The users needs have been prioritized from the quality of the glass and packaging to the ergonomics and day to day practicality. All while bringing you a selection of products that offers buyers a far more personalized experience.

Large Matrix Percolator Bong details

Height: 31cm

Base: 10cm

Thickness: 5mm

Join: 14mm Female

Please visit our range of high quality accessories for domeless nails, spare downstems and replacement bowls.




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