Kingpin Hemp Wraps


Kingpin Hemp Wraps


Materials: Hemp

Flavours: Assorted, Blue(Blueberry), Fly(Fruit Mix), Laid Back (Mint), Manic(Mango), and Purple (Grape).

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Kingpin Hemp Wraps

The Kingpin Hemp Wraps are perfect for the blunt connoisseur. People that buy this product really want to taste the flavour profiles of what their smoke of choice. Kingpin wraps are just that. These are full flavoured wraps that have the added benefit of staying fresh. A great packaging design decision the company made is having a locked, resealable package for the wraps. The packets help trap moisture, making for the perfect blunts. The wraps come in a variety of flavours and feature a pre-folded crease in the perfect location to make rolling as easy as possible! Another great feature is that each wrap can be cut to size. King-sized, bigger or smaller, you have the freedom to make this your own.

Kingpin takes the product a step further and sources the ingredients in the best way they can. The wraps from natural toasted hemp, making the company take an environmental stance. Additionally, in doing so, they are keeping their products as cohesive as possible, serving consumers that are looking for alternative smoking products.

Hemp Wrap flavours: Assorted, Blue(Blueberry), Fly(Fruit Mix), Laid Back (Mint), Manic(Mango), and Purple (Grape).

These wraps truly are the king!

This product comes as a pack containing 25 packets. Each packet contains 4 wraps.



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