Kandu Nyc – K/S Pre Rolled Organic Paper Cones – 1x21x3 – EOR


Organic Paper


Size: 109mm

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Kandu Nyc – K/S Pre Rolled Organic Paper Cones – 1x21x3

With all the popular and premium pre-rolled cones on the market, it becomes hard to decide which brand to choose. When choosing a product it’s always best to consider how much needs to be fulfilled by the product It’s quality or quantity, and honestly but it’s just as important to have both. KanduNYC is an international brand that produces organic pre-rolled cones.

Pre-rolled papers are the way to go whether you are a newbie or the expert and aficionado. These take out the hassle of rolling. whats mroe is that you will have a perfectly rolled paper every time you need it. Talk about convenient!

The Kandu brand has a clear Asian influence. That can be seen from the product to the packaging. Aiming for a refined yet quirky overall product. The box mimics the Chinese take-away box structure, and inside houses individual boxes that contain 3 pre-rolled cones. These organic cones are unprocessed, meaning that they still retain their original brown colour. The cones are also finished off with a gold gerrick/filter. This adds to the overall presentation and feel of the product, being authentic and untainted. Each cone is 109mm in length, making this a king-size paper.


Kandu Nyc – K/S Pre Rolled Organic Paper Cones – 1x21x3 has really gone the extra mile to ensure quality and quantity, by giving a product most enthusiasts can feel safer using and by providing them at an affordable price and reasonable amount.




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