IQOS Accessories – USB Cable V2.4


Replacement USB Cable

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IQOS Accessories – USB Cable V2.4

“IQOS is a brand with a big vision: to replace every cigarette for all adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke.” This company came to the forefront of the smoking market as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking methods. It is neither a vape nor an e-cigarette.  The company created an electronic smoking device that heats your cigarette, rather than burning it. This means, no smoke and no ash, but the device also gives the user the taste they expect. There is a reduction of harmful chemicals when smoking, and tar. This makes a huge difference, but because it still delivers nicotine to your system, it is important to note that these devices are not risk-free. What makes this model stand out from the last is its extra sleek design, and the new colours on offer.

Because this is an alternative product, it still has to go through the research. The evidence available shows that, while IQOS use is not risk-free, switching completely to IQOS presents less risk to your health than continuing to smoke cigarettes.

The IQOS Accessories – USB Cable V2.4 is a convenient replacement for your kit. In the event that you have lost or damaged your cable component, there is a replacement part just for that. Also available is a replacement for the USB Power Adaptor V2.4.



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