Humidifier – 10-60% Humidity Indicator Cards – 1x10s

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Humidifier – 10-60% Humidity Indicator Cards – 1x10s


Integra is a brand that believes “superior herbal products start with superior atmospheric control.”

They understand how important it is to keep cannabis, cigars, sticks, and house-hold products in their freshest, most balanced state. This need pushes the company to create premium products that preserve and enhance your product/grow, creating the balanced environment they need to thrive.

Unlock the secret to perfect humidity levels with Integra Boost Humidity Indicator Cards. Designed with precision in mind, these cards are your trusted ally in monitoring humidity levels from 10% to 60%.

Crafted for cannabis cultivators and cigar enthusiasts alike, these indicator cards provide instant feedback on your environment’s moisture content. Simply place them in your storage containers or grow rooms, and let them do the rest.

Effortlessly gauge humidity fluctuations and ensure your valuable stay in optimal conditions. Whether you’re curing crops or aging cigars, Integra Boost has your back.

Reliable, accurate, and easy to use – make Humidifier – 10-60% Humidity Indicator Cards – 1x10ss your go-to solution for maintaining the perfect moisture balance. Elevate your standards and safeguard your investments with confidence.


While most people talk about balance as if it’s something to be found, we know balance is something that’s created. And here at Integra, that’s exactly what we do—every single day, with our team of industry experts and seasoned scientists. We’re proud to offer science-backed, FDA-approved, industry-leading humidity control solutions that are smart, simple, and—above all—clean.





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