Hubbly Bubbly – Mouth Pieces


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Hubbly Bubbly – Mouth Pieces

Like all things, mouthpieces experience some wear and tear as time passes. Continuous use over time means consumers will need to replace their mouthpieces eventually. Now comes the issue of buying an affordable, quality mouth piece.

Amaren, one of the leading global hubbly bubbly molasses manufacturer, expands their range not only to flavour-wise but expands their range of products so that it can fully cater to the hubbly bubbly market. They developed mouthpieces that compliment the pipes that they also produce in terms of colour.

Being from a brand that continues to concretise itself in the hubbly market, this range is well within an affordable bracket.  All these factors, make this product a must-try even for newcomers.

The Hubbly Bubbly – Mouth Pieces are sold in a  single pack containing 50 individually wrapped mouthpieces that vary in colour. Each mouthpiece is 80mm in length, making these considerably longer than

The colours of the mouthpieces: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red.



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