Hornet Hemp King Size and Tips


Hornet Hemp

Dimensions: King Size

Materials: Pure, Natural Grain Fibres

Tips Included

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Hornet Hemp King Size and Tips


Hornet Smoking Paper for all those who are not afraid to express what they feel, who are looking for a different way of smoking. These papers are made from carefully selected pure, natural grain fibres, meaning they are vegetarian and non-GMO materials. You can safely use them without worry. Enjoy the traditional ritual and artistic sense of rolling paper by hands, and you will get more sense of accomplishment. You can also use them with rolling machine.

Hornet Hemp King Size and Tips packs are made from natural, unrefined hemp, and is ultra thin for a smooth, slow burn. Because these papers are unbleached, you need not worry about unwamted chemicals, and can simply enjoy the natural taste.



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