Gizeh – King-Size Extra Fine + Tips


Gizeh – King-Size Extra Fine

Materials: Cellulose and Arabic Gum

34 Papers + 34 Filter Tips

Weight: 14 g/m²

Size: 44 x 107 mm

Magnet Seal

Watermarked paper

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Gizeh – King-Size Extra Fine + Tips

Gizeh is a company that believes in quality first. This applies to the careful selection of raw materials. The focus on quality also applies to their craftsmanship. GIZEH is one of the world’s leading brands in the smokers’ accessories segment. The brand is also markets itself as an expression of freedom to live out your own style with confidence. So they help ease you into those special moments (that can be enjoyed alone or in the company of loved ones).

GIZEH offers papers for personal pleasure. In more than 80 countries around the world, connoisseurs appreciate the variety of ways to combine their own personal tastes with the right products.

Gizeh – King-Size Extra Fine + Tips contains 34 super fine papers and 34 pre-perforated filter tips. You can find both the papers and tips in the booklet. The perforation gives you the option for long or short filter tips. The super fine papers are almost transparent with a weight of 12 g/m² . The papers contains a strip of natural Arabic gum for the lining. This watermarked paper ensures pure and unadulterated enjoyment. It burns very slowly and goes out if the roll-up is not being smoked. Papers and tips are packed in a practical and solid booklet with magnet seal. All these little features show how the company really go the extra mile to give you premium quality from the jump.

Gizeh – first-class quality since 1920.



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