Friend Holder Cartridges

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Friend Holder Cartridges

Replacement Cartridges


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Friend Holder Cartridges

The Friend Holder Cartridges are part the Friend Holder Filtering system that was first produced in Japan. This specific product acts as replacements for the day your cartridges are used up. The cartridges work through a double filtering system to reduce nicotine and tar build-up.

What Friend Holder very cleverly did was add a filtering system to their cigarette holders. They developed and patented for the first time under the Brand Friend Holder in 1966. So this product is a cigarette holder with a few new tricks. Let’s break down how it works: It works in two steps: Firstly, you must know that the holder is connected to a pod that reduces the tar and nicotine. The pod has an adhesion chamber concentrates and accelerates tobacco smokes through tiny air holes, trapping harmful particles. Secondly, the fibre filter removes more tar and nicotine as they pass through, giving you the best smoke possible.

The company recognised how having some sort of filter for the tar and nicotine is becoming more important to more health conscious smokers. They also see how “smoking mouthpiece [or vape-like device] use has become a necessity in civilized countries and has become an indispensable element”, and sought to solve those issues.





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