Eurojet Lighter – Black with Gold Band – 250011

SKU: Ligh065

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Eurojet Lighter – Black with Gold Band – 250011

This item stands at 6.9cm, and is approximately 2.35cm wide. Although, this may seem like an ordinary lighter, Eurojet took a modified approach, and presents us with a lighter that gives generously. The company took design and function, and turned it into a beautifully packaged product. This is a single jet flame lighter that packs a punch.

The lighter is coated with a black midnight gloss finish and has minimal gold accents. It features a gold band towards the top of the lighter that acts as embellishment, and also provides additional grip. Additionally, there is a gold accent piece with a small notch at the top of the lighter. This piece covers the inner mechanics, and simultaneously guards the fingers from the flame. With a simple press/pulling motion, the top-accented piece serves as a comfortable, easy-to-use ignitor. The Eurojet Lighter – Black with Gold Band – 250011 is a beautiful, refillable lighter that can compete with your best generic, everyday-use lighter. This is a great gifting option.

Available with either gold or silver accent options, these elegant and durable lighters can be a great addition to any collection.


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