Eurojet Lighter – Angled Jet Flame Lighter Black – 256300


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Eurojet Lighter – Angled Jet Flame Lighter Black – 256300

This is a wonderful lighter for any self-proclaiming cigar afficionado.

This lighter stands at 92mm. Although this is a smaller than most lighters, the quality of the materials make for a sturdy and reliable build. This isn’t your stock standard lighter. Along with its size, it features a design which houses the gas chamber built in beneath the angled nozzle for the flame. It has an easy to use button ignitor that sparks discreet jets to produce a soft and consistent flame. An item like this is sure to light your cigar with ease, and keep your smoke of choice at its optimal condition. An added bonus is that this cigar lighter the flame height can be adjusted with the aid of the dial found at the bottom of the lighter.

The Eurojet Lighter – Angled Jet Flame Lighter Black – 256300 is also refillable.

To refill, ensure the bottom of the light is top-facing. Insert your gas nozzle and pump 3-4 times for 3 second. Do not over-fill. Take note of the gas levels with the transparent window.

With such thoughtful design, you can tell that this item will last as long as you can care for it.





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