Eurojet Cigar Lighter – Gun Metal Jet Flame – 251015

SKU: Ligh068

Materials: Metal

Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.3cm

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Eurojet Cigar Lighter – Gun Metal Jet Flame – 251015

Eurojet is a company that produces lighters that any enthusiast would be proud to own. Its lighters give users ease-of-use, and matches that with simplistic design, making for a wonderful piece to add to your collection. It also serves as a wonderful gifting option.

This Eurojet Cigar Lighter – Gun Metal Jet Flame – 251015 features gun metal coloured steel with a black matt diagonal band that wraps around the lighter. True to form this lighter also features a piezo electrical ignitor and button, rather than a sparkwheel. This design choice is what anyone would want for a seamless ignition and lighting experience. Not only does it make lighting up easier, it presents less strain on your fingers. Simply, press the button, and the button will hit the necessary element that will quickly produce a flame. The added bonus of having a jet flame lighter is that it is great for outdoor use. The expulsion of the flame is stronger and would fare better than traditional lighters.

The lighter also features a dial at its base that can adjust your flame height.

This lighter is available in Gun Metal and Silver.



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